Fox New’s Laura Ingraham appeared to get a little confused when a guest tried to explain Netflix’s You.

On Monday’s edition of The Ingraham Angle, the host was joined by political mouthpiece and YA author Raymond Arroyo for a segment called, “Numbers Don’t Lie: Viewers like ‘woke-free’ TV.”

During the segment, Arroyo brings up “woke storylines” in popular TV shows and says he was watching an episode of You that talked about measles. Ingraham looked puzzled and interrupts Arroyo to ask, “Wait, wait, wait...When did I mention measles?”

Arroyo, becoming confused himself, replies, “I don’t was on You.”

“What was on me?” Ingraham replies. “I never had the measles.”

“It was on You!” Arroyo repeats.

“We never did an episode on vaccines and the measles!”

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The banter goes back and forth, with Ingraham calling the exchange “stupid.”

Arroyo, frustrated, replies, “It was an episode of a show, Laura!”

“What’s it called?”

You!You! It’s called You!

“I give up,” Ingraham says. “I give up.”

“It’s a show called You on Netflix!” Arroyo finally clarifies.

“There’s a show called Laura Ingraham on Netflix?”

Arroyo then gives up and changes the subject.

Some viewers have speculated that, because of its absurdity, the exchange was a skit, but the general consensus seemed to be that it was 100% real.

Responding to speculation, Arroyo tweeted that the exchange was “totally intentional.”

Ingraham herself has yet to publicly acknowledge the moment.

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