Game of Thrones gave away a huge Battle of Winterfell spoiler in season 3 and fans are shocked

Game of Thrones gave away a huge Battle of Winterfell spoiler in season 3 and fans are shocked

Warning: This article contains several spoilers for the Game of Thrones episode “The Long Night”.

Game of Thrones finally gave fans the battle they’d all been waiting for when the army of the living fought the Night King and the Dead to save Westeros.

But despite many people predicting it would be Jon Snow who would defeat the Night King, it was Ayra who finally took him out.

As the Battle of Winterfell raged on, the Night King was lured out to the woods to kill Bran Stark and after killing Theon Greyjoy, the last man protecting Bran, it looked like all hope was lost.

That was until Arya came out of nowhere to defeat him with a clever hand-switching trick.

Here’s a video of fans being incredibly excited about it:

The trick was one we’d actually seen before, back in season seven when Ayra battled Brienne of Tarth at Winterfell.

It was a surprising conclusion to a plot arc that has seen Arya go from young girl to deadly assassin – and an arc that, to be honest, did not look like it was going anywhere.

But it looks like George RR Martin had been playing a very long game with her.

Some fans remembered a clip from season three when Melisandre gave Arya a prophecy which could have revealed the death of the Night King six years ago.

Those blue eyes were for the Night King…

Of course, Arya has killed a lot of people since season three and there are a number of them who fit the prophecy.

Both Walder Frey and Meryn Trant had brown eyes and viewers were suggesting that Littlefinger could have been the blue or green eyes.

Although Littlefinger’s eyes sometimes look like they're dark blue in the TV show, his eyes are grey-green according to the books.

But fans think that the return of Melisandre’s prophecy is foreshadowing the death of another major character…

And people were freaking out over a potential final showdown between Ayra and Cersei.

However, prophecies don’t always come true in Game of Thrones.

Remember all the talk of Azor Ahai?

Azor Ahai is the prince prophesied to “bring the dawn” after the Long Night.

Many people thought he was Jon Snow but as Melisandre reminded Daenerys Targaryen in season seven, the hero could also be a woman because nouns are not gendered in the language the prophecy is written in.

Does that mean Arya is actually Azor Ahai?

Viewers were struggling to make the prophecy fit.

It could be that Melisandre’s just got lucky with her prediction or we might have just had a major reveal for how Game of Thrones ends.

In three weeks, we might be seeing Arya Stark on the Iron Throne - but it'd be foolish to assume it'll be that simple.

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