This tweet perfectly sums up how ridiculous it is to ask if someone ‘chose’ to be gay


There’re some things that, in the year 2019, shouldn’t be up for public debate.

Heterosexual people debating whether being gay is a choice is certainly one of those discussions that should be avoided. But sadly that hasn’t stopped people from offering their opinion on this.

Just last week, television viewers were left shocked when Good Morning Britain allowed a guest to suggest being gay is a choice or a “preference” live on air.

In response, a viral tweet totally nails how ridiculous this ignorant statement is.

The tweet outlines the various ways which being gay can negatively impact your life, highlighting how ludicrous and offensive it is to suggest otherwise with no first-hand experience.

Twitter users were quick to show support, sending messages of agreement and mockery in equal measure.

While obviously funny, some of the answers were pretty heartbreaking.

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