A Conservative voter calling into LBC Radio has furiously accused Richard Tice and Nigel Farage of being “far out of step with public opinion".

Despite proudly donating £25 to the Brexit Party, the caller said to Tice:

If we end up with a Marxist in No.10 or no Brexit at all because of your actions, the public will never forgive you or Nigel.

Tice replied:

In 2015, actually UKIP helped the Conservatives get a majority because they meant that, you know, certain Labour marginals went Conservative as opposed to stayed Labour.

Look, we've got to make sure that the country understands, you know, what is in this agreement and then makes its choice.

If people are concerned about this then actually, you know, we've always said we're here for a big Leave alliance that would deliver a thumping majority.

If people are worried about it, have a word with CCHQ and say, why don't you pick up the phone to these guys?

The caller, named Daniel, responded by saying:

You know that they can't do that because significant numbers of moderate conservatives would leave in droves.

He added:

If you don't want a Marxist government, don't vote for Jeremy Corbyn, if you want a proper Brexit, vote for the Brexit Party.

The caller, named Daniel, got very upset and started shouting at Tice telling him that it’s his fault if we don’t get Brexit and that he “loves” Nigel Farage but that his new party wasn't in line with what the public want.

You can watch the full exchange in the video below.


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