A Celebrity Big Brother star was threatened with rape online. So she decided to track down her troll

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Nobody likes a troll, the seemingly constant mental abuse they put out online can be stressful and damaging to even the most self-confident of people.

Often it's never possible to confront the people who hide behind their keyboards, as trolls frequently operate under pseudonyms and mask their identity.

There are great ways of shutting them down online though, such as this Muslim man's amazing response to Islamophobia, but meeting them in the flesh is a different prospect altogether.

A new documentary series on Channel 5, called Celeb Trolls: We're Coming To Get You, is giving famous faces the chance to meet their trolls and tell them how much their malicious words have harmed them.

One celebrity who has taken part in the series is former Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Jasmine. She revealed that the online hate sometimes meant she couldn't even face waking up in the mornings.

Speaking to Frankie Bridge, a celebrity who had also suffered online abuse, Jasmine explained:

When you're being bullied, that's when you feel insecure. That's when you start to feel ugly, I was told I speak differently, I look weird, I've got acne.

One piece of abuse that was particularly difficult to deal with was a tweet allegedly sent by a man named Lee McDonald, reading

I'd rape f**k oot of here (sic)

McDonald's account has since been suspended, but experts working with Bridge managed to track him down - allowing Jasmine to confront her troll.

The team arrived at McDonald's house to speak to him, asking if he has anything to say.

His response was "F**k off, see ya!"

Jasmine told the programme she was "stunned".

If you're going to hurl abuse, at least say sorry and hold your hands up. There was just no accountability there.

Another celebrity to confront her trolls on the programme included Geordie Shore and Ex On The Beach reality star Zahida Allen, who had received threats of violence on social media, as well as racism.

The Mirror quote Zahida as saying:

When I joined the cast of Ex On The Beach, I had persistent messages, saying, 'You're too brown to be Geordie, calling me a P**i, threatening to kill me.

I wasn't expecting these extreme things because you wouldn't say that in real life, or they'd get arrested.

Using the help of Frankie Bridge and her team, Zahida was able to track down a man who had tweeted her things like;

F**k me, you're such a c***, I'd love to punch you clean on the chin.


I'd love to wrap my size 9's around your throat.

The team managed to track down the individual who is a man named Dean Silford, however his online front soon vanished when he met Zahida.

I don't think I'm a bully.

I do regret what I said, I don't feel good about it.

I would've continued to do it if I hadn't been confronted about it.

Zahida then asked Dean what his mother and sister thought of his actions to which he responded.

They were disappointed, they asked me not to come on here, but I wanted to come on here and say sorry.

I apologise, I've deleted all those tweets.

Although she accepted his apology, Zahida doubted whether it was genuine.

I accept it but don't think it's sincere because you would've carried on if I hadn't got you on here.

Earlier this week Zahida once again addressed online trolls, who had body shamed her recent change in size, before revealing that she had previously suffered with anorexia.

Zahida's post has been liked over 22,000 times, at the times of writing, with fans giving her their support and complimenting her bravery and honesty.

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