A young girl is being hailed a hero after she went after armed robbers who raided her home and stole money from her father.

Eight-year-old Brielle Minia Alba had been playing outside near her home in Cavite, Philippines when four men walked up to her house.

They had been pretending to be DVD sellers when they attacked her parents. As three of the gang members held Brielle’s family at gun point, the fourth raided their home.

CCTV footage captured near the family home shows the robbers dash out of her home. Brielle quickly realises what happened and without hesitation runs after them. The heroic eight-year-old, dressed in a pink dress and pigtails, lunges after one of the men, who held a semi-automatic hand gun. She gets his bag and quickly gets to the ground and covers it with her body in an effort to protect her parents’ valuables.

The robber gets it out of her hand and runs towards the mopeds at the end of the road ready to take him away. Not daunted, Brielle runs after them again. Footage shows her being kicked, and she sustained a broken nose and cuts and bruises.

Brielle spent two days in hospital, Mail Online reports.

Despite her injuries, Brielle isn’t cowed – she’ defiant.

‘I’ll get them next time,’ she vowed.

I’m so angry they stole my daddy’s money. If I ever see them again they’ll be sorry.

The money belonged to my family. I wanted to help them. They worked hard for it.

Brielle’s aunt, Bhing, praised her niece:

Thank God we were safe and all they took was money. It’s just money that can be earned, now they can wait for karma. My niece is really brave.

Police investigators believe the attack had been planned, and are reviewing CCTV footage.

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