Former prime minister Gordon Brown has unveiled a powerful video against antisemitism.

Brown, who was Labour chancellor from 1997-2007 and prime minister between 2007-2010, filmed the video in London’s iconic Liverpool Street Station, a place of immense historical significance to British Jews.

He began by explaining the significance of Liverpool Street station.

Liverpool Street station is where Sir Nicholas Winton met the first of 669 children who had escaped from Nazi brutality.

Next he focused on Labour’s responsibility to rid itself, but also wider society, of antisemitism.

The Labour Party has a long, proud, noble tradition of standing up against prejudice, bigotry and discrimination.

No ifs, no buts, no qualifications, no caveats. It’s an understanding that discrimination that starts with one minority does not end with one minority. It’s a belief that we must never accept the unacceptable and never accept intolerance.

Within the last two years, the Labour Party let the Jewish community and itself down. They should never have allowed legitimate criticism – that I share – of the current Israeli government to act as a cover for the demonization of the entire Jewish people.

Solidarity means standing up for those who are under attack.

Brown ended the video by saying he intends to join Jewish Labour, a group of Jewish Labour members and allies of the Jewish community. He encouraged others to do the same.

Twitter users welcomed Brown's intervention on this topic, praising him for showing solidarity and moral leadership.

Statistics show that reported incidents of antisemitism continue to rise in the UK. In February 2019 a new report suggested that a debate on antisemitism within the Labour party may have lead to an increase of anti-Jewish incidents.

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