Tory minister asked if he’ll help people to buy cars now it's our ‘civic duty’ to avoid public transport

The government’s daily briefings have become a daily ritual.

Today it was the turn of transport minister Grant Schapps, who was taking questions from the public and journalists, while updating people on where the UK is at in its coronavirus epidemic.

During the briefing, he was asked by Daily Mail journalist John Stevens whether people will be given help to buy cars now that we’re encouraged to avoid public transport.

In fact, Schapps even went as far as to say it's our "civic duty" to avoid public transport. ( Which, unsurprisingly, didn't go down well ).

So will people be given help to buy a car?

No, it doesn’t look like it. Sorry petrol heads!

In response, Schapps gave quite a long and rambly answer, talking about “air quality", the slumping price of oil, and parking charges. He did say that it was a “good point”, which is nice, but didn’t elaborate on whether people are going to get help buying cars.

Given cars are quite bad for the environment, in case they’re electric, it’s probably unlikely to happen.

So if all you petrol heads out there think the Tories are about to help you buy some wheels, we wouldn’t hold your breath.

But then again, it's 2020 and stranger things have happened!

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