Shocking video captures group of women 'deliberately coughing' on passers by during coronvirus lockdown

A shocking video has emerged which appe​ars toshow a group of women "deliberately coughing" in a person's face as they walk down the​ street.

An onlooker filmed the three unidentified women walking along a Glasgow street earlier this week. They appear to be flouting the Scottish government's social distancing measures and it looks as though they coughed over people who walked near them.

Tricia Anderson, who posted the video yesterday, said on Facebook:

A disgrace, and an utter disgrace that the police don't want to know about this. I do not understand it.

Members of the Govanhill community in Glasgow said that they have brought the matter to the attention of the police. But according to The Sun, Police Scotland haven't yet confirmed whether they’re investigating.

Yesterday, the government increased police powers to prosecute people caught ignoring the government's lockdown measures. The surfacing of this particular video comes as law enforcement across the world grapple with how to deal with people flouting distancing measures and taking action that could be interpreted as deliberately spreading the virus. Across the pond in America, a New Jersey man was arrested on terrorism charges after allegedly coughing in a woman’s face and saying he has coronavirus.

Watch the video here:

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