Eerie video shows what Havana Syndrome ‘sound weapon’ was like

Eerie video shows what Havana Syndrome ‘sound weapon’ was like - Critical Race Theory_ Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)-(1080p)_18.mp4

On Sunday, 60 Minutes aired a segment on Havana Syndrome, the mysterious illness that affected US government officials and military personnel in 2016. During the segment, they revealed the sound which they believe is a byproduct of Havana Syndrome.

The sound is comparable to high-pitched crickets or a dog whistle. Some officials heard the sound, others felt a pressure-like sensation described as "driving a car with the window partially rolled down"

But most agreed that "the sound or feeling of pressure came from one direction and focused in one location," according to 60 Minutes.

One US official decided to record the sound while living in Havana, which can be heard here. The show specifies that "listening to a recording of the sound will not injure, it is a byproduct"

The cause of Havana Syndrome is a mystery to this day, but the diplomats who experienced it said the symptoms came in two stages. The first, experiencing the sound or pressure-like feeling. The second, experiencing balance or cognitive issues.

One US official said following the illness, he now needs a weighted vest to help keep his balance, a service dog to help him walk, but still suffers from loss of vision rendering him 'legally blind'.

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Both US and Canadian officials suffered from Havana Syndrome as well as their families who were stationed with them abroad. Multiple officials claim that the sound or pressure they felt would only occur when they returned to the location they heard it - some have speculated that it is a sound weapon operated by a foreign power.

While the first cases occurred in Havana, Cuba, many government officials say they have experienced it both abroad and at home. To this day, it is unclear where the illness comes from or what it is caused by.

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