Picture: Tom Simpson/Flickr
Picture: Tom Simpson/Flickr

Bodies are beautiful because no two is the same.

One Quora user decided to ask an important question: it wasn’t about the meaning of life, or religion.

It was about female body types:

What is considered the ideal body type for women in your country? And what do you find attractive?

And so, the great people of the internet answered.

Before we get into the list, please take the following with a colossal caveat: everyone has different tastes, and ultimately, the following list represents that.


Not too skinny; large breasts...curves [and]] about 5'7" tall.

Picture: Tom Simpson/Flickr


Rather thin women, middle-tall, more with brown hair than blonde, fair eyes usually.

Picture: Rogério Silva/Flickr


You’ll find that the curvy, large breasted women was most people’s favourite throughout the years.

Picture: Roberto Rizzato/Flickr


Tall, curvy, blonde and blue eyes...and either fair skin or tanned.

Picture:Dora Alis/Flickr


Tall, tight body.

Picture: r8r/Flickr


[A] combination between cute and elegant, usually small breasts and dark hair/eyebrows.

Picture: Irina/Flickr/Julius LeBlanc Stewart's Nymphs Hunting


Modest and courtly personality and lifestyle; fair complexion, black hair up to back, big black eyes and [thick] eyebrows, moderately curvy physique.

Picture: Arun Jr/Flickr


A4 waist and iPhone 6 legs.

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