Man gets statue of Hindu God stuck in his throat after drinking holy water

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Doctors found a miniature statue of a Hindu God in a man's throat - after he swallowed it while drinking holy water, which doesn't sound like a devine situation.

An X-ray was carried out after the patient went to his local surgery complaining of throat problems.

And, incredibly, the scan revealed the outline of a small figure - which was later found to be a model of the deity Krishna.

The man was then rushed to the hospital after complaining of breathing difficulties, throat pain and painful swallowing.


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It later emerged that the man had swallowed the figure during his morning routine, which sees him drink holy water with a Krishna statue immersed in it.

But, on Tuesday (June 21), he mistakenly swallowed the model - and ended up needing an endoscopy.

Pictures of the X-ray show the 5cm figure clearly lodged in the man's throat.


A team of doctors at a hospital in Belagavi, India, performed the procedure and removed the foreign object.

SWNS reporting Josie Adnitt.

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