A man has divided the internet after sharing how he leaves his hotel room when checking out.

In a picture posted on his Facebook page, Scottish internet personality Darren Dowling, known online as Dazza, shared how he likes to leave the hotel for the cleaning staff.

In the picture, Dazza had stripped the bed and left the duvet and pillows separate from the dirty sheets, which were piled at the end of the bed ready to be collected.

Leaving the room this way undoubtedly saves time for the housekeeping team and Dazza said it’s how he likes to leave the hotel rooms he stays in.

He wrote: “ i always try and leave a hotel room like this. is this the right or wrong thing to do?”

The seemingly innocuous post had people split, as some questioned why he did this when the cleaning staff are paid to do it. Others, however, praised Dazza for being considerate.

In the comments, one person wrote: “As a housekeeper, this makes me very happy when customers do this, saves us an extra job and makes it easier.”

Another housekeeper said: “Having worked in housekeeping in a hotel, you have no idea how much things like this are appreciated. As you have time targets to hit per room and this is a massive help. Top man.”

Others said it had never occurred to them to strip the bed for the housekeeping team.

Someone commented: “I have never done this. I never leave the room in a state but it would never occur to me to strip the bed for them…”

However, others disagreed as one person argued, “Not your job man”.

Another wrote back to a housekeeper in the comments, saying: “You are paid to clean why should I or anyone clean up the room Ur paid to clean?”

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