Earlier this month it was reported that girls across the UK are skipping school because they can't afford sanitary products.

Sara Barrie, safer schools officer for West Yorkshire Police, told The Independent:

A large number of students were asking us for sanitary products in school. A lot of teachers were buying them from their own pockets to give out. It was clear there was an issue.

It’s shocking that this is still an issue in the UK in 2017, but there are a number of ways you can help:

  • A crowdfunding page has been launched by the charity Freedom4Girls to raise money for research into how this is affecting young women. 
  • You can donate sanitary products to a Trussell Trust foodbank - find your local one here.
  • The Homeless Period has a petition to provide free sanitary products to homeless women, and you can also donate tampons and towels.
  • Donatepads.org provides a list of organisations that accept donations on behalf of women around the world.
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