Today, Paris is the capital of the world.

So said French president Francois Hollande as 1million people, 50 world leaders among them, joined a rally for unity after terror stalked the streets of France for three days in which 17 people died.

The march began in Place de la République and will divide into two routes before coming together and ending in Place de la Nation.

"I am Charlie"

"Quick more democracy everywhere against barbarism"

"Not even scared"

Here, Joel Mergui, president of the Central Jewish Consistory of France, shakes hands with Dalil Boubakeur of the Paris Mosque.

President Hollande greeted world leaders before they linked arms at the start of the march.

German chancellor Angela Merkel

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanhau

Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas

UK prime minister David Cameron

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy

It wasn't just Paris coming together, rallies also took place in cities around the world.





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