Apple's 'new' iPhone features are hilariously similar to what Android has always had

Android users are not impressed with Apple’s announcement of “new” features which have been available on other systems for ages.

Apple had an event streamed on Monday which announced dozens of new features for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac laptops.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, attendees tuned in remotely for its annual worldwide developers conference.

Apple's mobile operating system had lagged behind Google's Android with a number of features, but this year's WWDC aimed to address most of them with iOS 14.

This certainly did not go unnoticed by Android phone-users.

“Android User: We've had this since the beginning of our existence,” one Twitter user said.

Also in the keynote address, the company's chief executive Tim Cook opened the conference saying Apple is dedicated to those campaigning in the US against racism in all levels of society.

"Our mission has always been to make the world a better place," he said. "And we're committed to being a force for change."

Widgets — a staple of the Android home screen — and calls as floating notifications instead of events have been available on Android devices for years — but will be available on iPhones too from this autumn.

Despite anti-Apple purchasers’ disdain, iPhone lovers didn’t seem to care.

Software architect Edem Kumodzi tweeted, “Android users, yes we know everything Apple released today is not new to you. We are still excited about them. Leave us alone and keep quiet.”

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