People are signing this petition urging Boris Johnson not to 'drag' Britain into Trump's war on Iran

People are signing this petition urging Boris Johnson not to 'drag' Britain into Trump's war on Iran

With tensions between Iran and the US continuing to rise, people in the UK are obviously concerned about the prospect of future conflict or even a war.

For many, the memories of the US and UK-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are hard to escape.

Last week, British foreign secretary Dominic Raab made a U-turn to back the US assassination of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani.

Bearing in mind the close alliance between the two nations, and the burgeoning friendship between their leaders, lots of people are voicing their opposition to the prospect of Britain being “dragged” into another war in the middle east.

Now, tens of thousands of people are signing a petition to urge Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab to be cautious.

The petition, entitled “Don’t drag the UK into Trump’s war with Iran”, has already been signed by 85,000 people.

It reads:

Tensions are at breaking point between the US and Iran after President Trump ordered an airstrike killing an Iranian military commander.

Iran is threatening retaliation. A US led war with the Middle East is looming. To avoid needless destruction and civilian death, Prime Minister Boris Johnson must publicly rule out being dragged into a Trump led war.

Together we can show Boris Johnson that the British public don’t want to get into bed with Trump and enter another war. 

On social media, signatories have been sharing the petition and urging others to do the same.

There's also other petitions on which echo the anti-war sentiment.

It remains to be seen whether US tensions with Iran will escalate further after Iran launched an attack on US troops in Iraq. But Raab issued a statement calling for an “urgent” de-escalation.

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