It was only a matter of time before Jacob Rees-Mogg began to flex his muscles in the cabinet and, just two days into the job, he has already introduced his very own style guide.

The new leader of the House of Commons has instructed his staff to refrain from using a certain set of words, use imperial measurements and refer to all 'non-titled males' as 'esquire'.

In the style guide, which has been obtained byITV News, the 50-year-old who is often mocked for having a more, shall we say, 'classical' approach to modern life, has banned his staff from using words like 'very' and 'got' as well as 'unacceptable' and 'hopefully'.

The list of words that have now been rendered obsolete by Rees-Mogg are as follows:

- Very

- Due To

- Hopefully

- Unacceptable

- Equal

- Too many 'I's

- Yourself

- Lot

- Got

- Speculate

- 'invest'

- No longer fit for purpose

- I am pleased to learn

- Meet with

- Ascertain

- Disappointment

- I note/ understand your concerns

No, we haven't a clue either and we would speculate on what Rees-Mogg is trying to achieve here but he has stopped people from using that word so it would be a waste of time.

If you thought that was weird wait until you see the list of rules that the Tory MP has introduced for his staff, which literally read like something from the 18th century.

These include imperial measurements, a rule that was mostly phased during the 1960s and no Oxford comma, which will disappoint fans of Vampire Weekend.

- Organisations are SINGULAR

- All non-titled males - Esq.

- There is no . after Miss or Ms

- M.P.s - no need to write M.P. after their name in body of text

- Male M.P.s (non-privy councillors) - in the address they should have Esq., before M.P. (e.g. Tobias Ellwood, Esq.,M.P.)

- Double space after fullstops

- No comma after 'and'

- CHECK your work

- Use imperial measurements

These are all very strange but is it just us or is it slightly concerning that government staff should have to be reminded to check their work?

Regardless this is probably one of the funniest and most 'Jacob Rees-Mogg' things that the Brexiteer has ever done and, yes, there are plenty of jokes.

Special shout out to Labour MEP Seb Dance who has already changed his Twitter name to 'Seb Dance, Esp. M.E.P'.


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