In news that could only seem at home in 2019, Glee star Jane Lynch has launched a scathing attack on presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren.

Lynch took to Twitter (because where else?) to criticise Warren’s rhetoric around billionaires, and even went so far as to accuse her of “class war”.

Lynch’s comments come after Warren made billionaires a central part of her campaign. Warren said that “billionaire’s in wine caves” should not pick the next president, after photographs emerged of her opponent Pete Buttigieg hosting an opulent fundraiser with wealthy donors in Napa Valley.

At the latest presidential debate, a clash erupted between the pair. Warren made a criticism about big-dollar fundraisers and Buttigieg responded, saying: “I can’t help but feel that might have been directed at me.”

He said:

This is our only chance to defeat Donald Trump, and we shouldn’t do it with one hand tied behind our back.

Warren responded, describing Buttigieg’s recent fundraising event at a wine cellar as having taken place at a “wine cave full of crystals.”

She said:

Billionaires in wine caves should not pick the next president of the United States.

Following Lynch's intervention, Warren is yet to respond, but the internet has a lot of thoughts in the meantime.

Mostly, people are siding with Warren on this one.

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