Jason Chaffetz posed with a Native American statue in an attempt to mock Elizabeth Warren

A former Republican Representative from Utah has been accused of racism after posting a tweet mocking senator Elizabeth Warren.

Jason Chaffetz, who held office from 2009 to 2017, posed next to a statue of a Native American and added the caption 'At Disneyland today with Senator Warren.'

This comes after Ms Warren released the results of a DNA test which showed that she has distant Native American ancestry.

The Democrat has faced repeated attacks from the Trump administration and Republicans over her heritage, which she first declared during the 2012 Senate race.

The results of the test have already been mocked by the likes of Trump, Trump Jr and Sen. Lindsay Graham, with Chaffetz now adding his voice to the outrage.

Yet, Chaffetz is being ridiculed for his Tweet which many have labelled as 'open racism' towards Warren.

Others pointed out that he decided to take this picture at Disneyland while presumably with his family.

Also, let's not forget the positions that Chaffetz used to and does currently hold.

Even the statue looks embarrassed to be part of this picture.

HT Daily Dot

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