Jeremy Clarkson has shared a video on his Twitter account showing how much plastic he collected on a beach, presumably somewhere in Asia.

In the short clip, the former Top Gear presenter is seen sitting on a boat surrounded by plastic debris, which he and others have collected in just 30 minutes.

He begins to sort through the rubbish, which mostly consists of plastic bottles and says:

In half an hour this is how much plastic we've picked up...

Look at this. I'm sorry but...Chinese, Chinese, Chinese. 

People of China. Pick your f**king littler up.

While many have applauded Clarkson for speaking out against plastic waste and the harm it is doing to our oceans, some did choose to point out to the 58-year-old that China isn't the only country responsible for this problem.

Clarkson has opted to respond to some people who pointed this out to him and, although he conceded that the problem was worldwide, he still claimed that the Chinese were the worst perpetrators.

Clarkson, who is reportedly filming a new series of The Grand Tour in Asia, added that he was in Laos last week where he saw 200 Chinese tourists dump their rubbish into a river.

Unfortunately, although the message on plastic is correct, his followers have decided to interpret it in a different way, resulting in a lot of anti-Chinese rhetoric.

HT Metro

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