When Jeremy Corbyn ducked a question, the internet had the perfect response

ITV News/screenshot

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn demanded that Prime Minister Theresa May reveals full details on the government’s plans for leaving the EU in a speech following the High Court ruling that parliament must be involved in Brexit.

But when a journalist then asked Corbyn if he would welcome an early general election, he was slightly less outspoken.

In fact, he accused the journalist of “harassing” him with her single question, before walking backwards out of the room.

The silence from Corbyn is extra confusing because he told the Mirror he would force May to hold an election early next year if she doesn’t agree to Labour’s terms for Brexit, including retaining access to the single market, and maintaining EU workplace rights.

Theo Bertam, former adviser to Labour's last two prime ministers, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, pointed out that this should be an easy question for Corbyn:

But it’s okay, because people have had a lot of fun with the Labour leader’s latest blunder online:

What a time to be the Leader of the Opposition.

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