Only 6 per cent think the next government will be Labour-led

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Theresa May is currently looking forward to a landslide election victory, according to the latest polls.

The Prime Minister called for an election on Tuesday, which MPs voted in favour of, thus guaranteeing that Brexit negotiations feature on the election agenda.

In the first polls to come out following the decision, it appears the public think she made a good choice.

The latest poll for YouGov finds that 42 per cent think she made the right decision, as opposed to only 31 per cent who think she was wrong to.

The vote intention numbers also seem to agree with her.

The Tories are winning in every demographic other than Remainers (which is still a close-run thing), and 18-24 year olds.

This poll is their best result of May's leadership, or during Corbyn's leadership. It's their best result during Corbyn's leadership among Remain and Leave voters and in Scotland and the Midlands and Wales.

This is Corbyn's worst result of his entire leadership among Remain voters and in Scotland.

Things get worse for Corbyn when you see the confidence people have in him.

Only six per cent of voters think that the next government will be Labour at present.

This is opposed to the 69 per cent who think that the Conservatives will lead the next government, with 63 per cent predicting a majority for Theresa May's party.

Remarkably, 21 per cent predict a Conservative landslide.

And it's not just a lack of confidence in Corbyn's chances, it's in his abilities as well.

Theresa May is overwhelmingly seen by the public as the best option for prime minister:

More people now think that Brexit is the most important issue for the country, which is unfortunate because people don't trust Labour with managing Brexit:

Labour, undeniably, have a monumental challenge ahead of them in this election.

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