Jeremy Corbyn issued a rallying cry during a speech at the Scottish Labour Party conference after an abysmal by-election defeat in Copeland.

Corbyn confirmed his intentions to continue on as leader of the Labour party despite losing Copeland, which was the first win by the Government over an opposition party since 1982.

Labour were however, victorious in Stoke.

Despite the growing tide of conflict and calls for his resignation in the party, Corbyn seems to be in good spirits. On Sunday, he spoke to Scottish Labour supporters in Perth, where he said “If we stand together I am confident we can turn back the Tory tide”.

However, not long into his speech, he committed a bit a gaffe.

He attempted to praise Labour members of the Scottish parliament (MSP):

Well done Scottish Labour and well done our SNPs… MSPs for keeping that up.

Yes. He’d accidently praised Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party (SNP), the party who were responsible for taking so many seats of Labour during the 2015 general election.

I hope all the media are listening to that bit.

He then attempted to make light of the faux pas, but almost made the same mistake a few seconds later:

M-S-P-s. Labour S-MSPs, yeah, STANDING FOR YOU!

It didn't go down too well with the people...

Oh, and this happened after he'd launched into a scathing attack against the SNP:

The SNP likes to say they are standing up for Scotland, but actually they are standing by and evolving Tory austerity to every doorstep in Scotland. They are not standing up to the Tories, they are doing their job...


Some SNP politicians said thanks though.

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