The actor who played Harry Potter’s Cho Chang just sent a powerful message to JK Rowling


Late on Saturday night, JK Rowling took to Twitter to share her (unsolicited) thoughts on transgender people.

In a series of tweets, the Harry Potter author was critical of people “erasing the concept of sex”, as well as seemingly criticising an article for referencing “people who menstruate” rather than “women who menstruate”.

The comments drew criticism from trans people and allies alike, with many labelling her views as “offensive” and “harmful”.

Cue Cho Chang actor Katie Leung, who took to Twitter with an iconic thread, teasing that she was about to reveal what she actually thinks about the character, who has been accused of having a problematic name.

Following up her original tweet, the Scottish actor simply posted links to trans rights organisations – including a GoFundMe campaign for black trans women, a petition for black trans women in the UK, a link to UK Black Pride and an article on where to donate to support black trans women.

She then followed it all up with:

Major respect.

At the time of writing, the thread has over 5,000 retweets and over 15,000 likes, with many people commending Leung for her pro-trans support:

We stan an ally.

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