JK Rowling points out how ridiculous this suggestion about sexual assault is

Getty Images / YANN COATSALIOU / Stringer; Twitter / @jk_rowling

It's 2017 and people still can't seem to get a simple concept into their heads: stop blaming victims.

It is particularly damaging and disturbing when the person who gets it so wrong is as influential as ex-hard-line Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka.

Following the sexual harassment and rape allegations levelled against Harvey Weinstein, Gorka decided it was about time he spouted some terrible opinions.

If you were wondering, Mike Pence's has two simple rules for a 'happy' marriage.

According to The Washington Post...

1. He never eats alone with a woman other than his wife.

2. He won't attend events featuring alcohol without her by his side.

It wasn't long before JK Rowling showed up and did what she does best (other than write best-selling novels) - delivering one of her classy put-downs.

THINK: If Gorka had obeyed Rowling's common sense rules for talking about sexual assault, none of the poor people who had the misfortune of reading his tweet would have suffered.

But what can we expect from a supporter of a man who brags about 'grabbing women by the pussy'?

Twitter users applauded Rowling's sentiment and made some important points of their own.

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