JK Rowling just humiliated Donald Trump once again

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JK Rowling's every tweet about United States President Donald Trump becomes news. It's like a law.

The Harry Potter author's always been handy with a comeback on the micro blogging platform, but now she seems to be making it her hallmark - as her politically-engaged output has increased drastically with the election of Donald Trump.

People seem to love her clapbacks on the administration.

The Houston Police Department report that 3,500 people have been rescued from flooded areas, and Mr Trump has visited the recovery effort in Corpus Christi, around 30 miles from the most severely affected areas.

People have been less than impressed with his behaviour during the disaster response.

Journalist Jonathan Tilove tweeted a quote from Trump's remarks on 29 August at the response centre.

JK of course saw this and saw an opportunity. She took it.

And Twitter loved the barb:

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