Joe Biden mocks Fox News reporter over Hunter Biden question
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Joe Biden mocked a Fox News reporter – who kept asking about Joe’s son, Hunter – during one of his first press conferences laying out his agenda as president-elect.

The press conference was a kind of wrap-up for 2020, with him laying out what he would be doing as he came into office from the beginning of January – particularly on how he would deal with the surge in deaths from Covid-19 and the stimulus package.

Biden did take questions from the media, and he was downbeat about the prospect of Covid-19 over the next year. Biden also said that Trump’s failure will land on his doorstep, and that he had a big legacy to overcome.

After taking several questions from the media – and discussing recent news events, such as a massive hack of US government computer systems – Biden started to leave the stage. Then, a Fox News reporter, Peter Doocy, asked,

“Do you still think the stories from the fall about your son, Hunter, were Russian disinformation campaign and a smear campaign, like you said?”

Biden came back on stage and started to laugh, obviously baffled. He then actually responded, calling Doocy a ‘one-horse pony’, and saying that Biden’s incoming Justice Department will be making their own judgements about how they should be proceeding in the next couple of months with the Hunter Biden case.

Fox News has seized on the Hunter Biden case – Hunter is Joe Biden’s oldest son, and has been called into disrepute after questions about various business dealings as well as public accounts of his struggles with substance abuse. In October, the New York Post published a story about Hunter Biden’s laptop – which has since been disproven, with many of the allegations in the article being confirmed as unfounded.

Biden has maintained his defence of his son throughout this, even as leaked text messages from right-wing media tried to undermine his campaign.

The clip went viral on Twitter, with people saying that they appreciated how different Biden was going to be from Trump. Others also said they thought it was funny that he had gotten the saying wrong – it’s one trick pony, not one horse pony – but that they didn’t mind.

During the conference, Biden also presented his views on the ongoing pandemic, saying that the “darkest days in the battle against Covid are ahead of us, not behind us.”

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