Just a video of a Tory MP eating a squirrel

Feeling adventurous? Grey squirrel curry is now on the menu at the Cinnamon Club, an award-winning Indian restaurant favoured by MPs due to its proximity to parliament.

The rajasthani-spiced Squirrel Special is on offer for a limited time only to coincide with the restaurant's head chef Rakesh Nair appearing on Channel 4 series Jamie & Jimmy's Friday Night Feast, which explores more exotic meats.

One of the first people to try the, um, delicacy was Mark Field the Conservative MP for the Cities of London and Westminster. His verdict? “It tasted quite tender."

He told the Evening Standard: "The taste was like a cross between rabbit and pigeon. Quite a strongish meat. I was surprised how much meat there was on it. I’m sure the foodies will love it but I suspect my children would have been horrified at the idea of eating a squirrel."

Still interested? The curry costs £22 and is on offer until 21 February.

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