Karlie Kloss labelled 'iconic' and 'brave' for voting against Trump despite family link
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Not everyone in the Trump family supports the president's regime.

While Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner are firmly behind Trump – as are his sons Eric and Donald Jr – some family members have decided to go their own way. Like Mary Trump, the president's niece, who labelled him a "narcissist" in her tell-all book Too Much and Never Enough.

Now Kushner's sister-in-law, Karlie Kloss, has made it clear she voted for Joe Biden.

The supermodel, who married Kushner's brother Joshua in 2018, wore a Biden-Harris facemask while voting. She also captioned an Instagram post of her posting her vote "#voteBLUE", in case anyone was still unclear about her intentions.

Kloss received supportive comments on the post from designer Tory Burch and actress Natalie Portman.

She also indicated disdain for Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, captioning the picture "#scienceoverfiction".

Trump has described Covid-19 as a "Democrat hoax" that "affects virtually nobody" and claimed that it can be treated by drinking bleach.

This isn't the first time Kloss has indicated her supported for the Democrats.

Earlier this month she attended a grassroots campaign meeting to support Nicole Galloway, the Democrat candidate for governor of Missouri.

In an Instagram post before the event, she wrote:

It’s never been more important to flip states Blue — including my home state of Missouri.

Let’s elect our first EVER female governor of MO. 

Kloss has also posted multiple times reminding people to vote.

Although her activism contradicts her brother-in-law's politics (he's a senior advisor to Trump, after all), it's unlikely it causes too many issues closer to home.

According to Forbes, Joshua Kushner doesn't support Trump either. After the 2016 election, he reportedly said:

It is no secret that liberal values have guided my life and that I have supported political leaders that share similar values.

Kloss and Kushner's "liberal values" are no doubt embarrassing to Jared Kushner and the Trump administration.

Particularly since Kloss insists on sharing her support for Biden with her 8.8 million Instagram followers and 5.6 million Twitter followers.

Thanksgiving is going to be awkward to say the least...

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