For years we have done our best to avoid covering the controversial far-right commentator known as Katie Hopkins to avoid giving her any attention but thanks to Twitter attention seeking days look to be over.

On Friday evening it was confirmed that Hopkins' Twitter account had been permanently removed from the website for violating its hateful conduct policy.

Although Twitter would not specify exactly which tweet from Hopkins had violated the policy a spokesperson did say:

Keeping Twitter safe is a top priority for us - abuse and hateful conduct have no place on our service and we will continue to take action when our Rules are broken. In this case, the account has been permanently suspended for violations of our Hateful Conduct Policy.

Hopkins was briefly suspended from Twitter in January but returned shortly afterward but on Friday it appeared that the gig was up for the 45-year-old as she noted that she had had her blue tick removed despite having more than one million followers.

Recently Hopkins had been critical of the Black Lives Matter movement and footballer Marcus Rashford who had successfully campaigned to have the government u-turn on a decision to make school meal vouchers free for children during the summer holidays. She had also attempted to start a trend called #whiteoutwednesday.

Despite amassing a large following, her rhetoric had made her one of the most unpopular people on Twitter and her permanently removal was greeted with both joe and a sigh of relief.

People also speculated as to what finally made Twitter take the decision to ban Hopkins from the website and where this leaves us as a society.

The Premier League footballer Patrick Van Aanholt also celebrated the fact that Hopkins had been banned after he had engaged with a long-running back and forth with the former Apprentice contestant claiming he was now the unified undisputed champion of Twitter.

Hopkins removal doesn't immediately correct a long-standing problem of bigotry on Twitter and there are still plenty of prominent accounts that will promote the same controversial messages but it is at least a start.

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