Kerry Katona was on GMB to slam people who ‘wee in the sea’ and no-one knows why

Good Morning Britain chaired a debated about the morality of urinating in the sea and everyone was completely baffled.

Former Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona took on television presenter Nick Ede to set the world to rights on this burning debate that precisely no-one thought they should have.

Ede’s stance was to allow a nation of urinators to go forth and wee in the sea. He said it was “harmless”, though clarified: “I would never go and pee near children”. Thanks, Nick.

Katona, on the other hand, was horrified by the prospect:

“You might as well go and have a big dump in there then!” she exclaimed.

She added: “Say my little girl is in the sea, swimming, and then someone’s stood next to her and starts peeing. I think that is really, really dirty and disgusting.

“We’re polluting the world as it is, we’re polluting our oceans as it is.

“Going in the sea to have a pee when it takes two minutes to go over and have a wee in a toilet... as an adult it is something I really frown upon.”

Reacting to the fiery debate, people were confused as to why this was decided on as a topic of discussion given all the other issues occurring in the world like climate change.

Recall parliament. Silly season has officially gone too far.

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