If sex, drugs and rock & roll is a good measure of how much fun a generation is having, our parents have been right all along: things really were better in their day.

A report published today by the Health and Social Care Information Centre - which has been collecting data on the smoking, drinking and drug habits of pupils aged 11-15 since 1982 - highlights just how straight edge the current generation is.

These graphs reveal just a few of the report’s findings:

In 2001, 29% of pupils had taken drugs in the past. In 2013, that figure was just 16%.

By 2013, the proportion of pupils who had taken cannabis in the last year had halved since 2001.

Usual frequency of drinking alcohol pie charts

Pupils drink a lot less on average than they did in 1988, while the proportion of pupils who do not drink at all has increased drastically.

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