How many people will watch the King's coronation?

How many people will watch the King's coronation?
View inside Westminster Abbey revealed ahead of King Charles's coronation

Whether it is because you are an ardent royalist, or because you are excited about the extra Bank Holiday, you have probably heard that there is a coronation on.

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her son Charles has become King but there needs to be a formal ceremony to make things official on 6 May.

But it seems people are not that bothered about watching it on the television.

According to the anti-monarchy campaign group Republic, between 7.7 billion and 7.8 billion people out of the world's some 8 billion people will not be watching the coronation, globally.

That still means around 300 million will tune in but its not a huge number all things considered.

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Republic’s Graham Smith explained: “Global viewing figures are always difficult to measure. But to suggest the coronation would attract even half a billion does not stand up to scrutiny.”

Meanwhile, a poll from YouGov conducted on March 17 this year found that of 5133 Brits, 7 per cent said they were very likely to watch it, 13 per cent said they were fairly likely, 20 per cent said it was fairly unlikely, 38 per cent said it was very unlikely and 22 per cent said they had no plans to watch the coronation at all.

Not to add salt to the wound for the King, but people were far more interested in his mum. Indeed, for the Queen’s ceremony in 1953, 27 million people in the UK out of the 36 million population watched the ceremony on TV. A further 11 million listened on the radio, according to the Royal Family’s official website.

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