Picture: BBC/Screengrab
Picture: BBC/Screengrab

During his address to Parliament following the Queen's Speech on Wednesday, David Cameron launched an attack on the Labour front bench.

Cameron went on a rambling rant through the shadow ministers ranks, criticising the quality of the opposition on a role-by-role basis:

Mr Speaker we do face an extraordinary opposition team. The shadow business secretary is anti-business. The shadow city minister doesn't speak to the city. The shadow farming secretary who should be responsible for encouraging Britain's livestock industry is actually a vegan. The shadow defence secretary doesn't believe in defence...

It is at this point that Emily Thornberry, shadow defence secretary, chose to interject a certain word that is completely unintelligible. Twice. To the consternation and amusement of those sat opposite.

Cameron continued:

...and they are led by a proud republican who now has to call himself the leader of Her Majesty's royal opposition.

You can attempt to hear for yourself what she said...

...but the politicos have already made up their mind.

They've also started making puns.

So what do you think she said?

Here's the evidence:

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What a time to be a Labour front bencher.

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