Labour MPs are fighting like children because of Jeremy Corbyn's reshuffle

After four (that's right, four days!), the Labour shadow cabinet reshuffle is finally over. It's okay, children of Labour, come back onto social media - it's safe(r) now.

As the party's ceremonial eating-of-its-young simmered down last night, Diane Abbott appeared on BBC's Newsnight to quash fears that the shadow cabinet was falling into chaos, following the resignation of three shadow ministers (in Steven Doughty's case live on air on the BBC's Daily Politics).

She defended the new appointments and commented upon the resignations by saying:

If you look Jonathan Reynolds, if you look at Mr Dugher, if you look at some of these others, what do they have in common?

They’re all former special advisers. And what you’re seeing is people who all came up under a certain system where they all did politics at uni, you became a special adviser, you became an MP, you became a minister, who are rightfully upset because Jeremy’s brought a whole load of new energy and new people into politics.

Skip to the six minute mark for the relevant section in the video, below:

Both Reynolds and Doughty reacted angrily to Abbott's statements on social media:

This bout of public-in-fighting is not even the first episode this week. Just a matter of days ago Buzzfeed News reported that Labour MPs had been blocking each other on Twitter.

Labour MP Tom Blenkinsop was said to have blocked Norwich South MP Clive Lewis and Richard Burgon MP, the pro-Corbyn shadow Treasury minister.

In short, it's been a bit of a Year 10 Twitter feud of a reshuffle.

(Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

In case you were wondering about the actual news, here's a brief breakdown of the reshuffle:


Pat McFadden from Shadow Europe Minister
Michael Dugher from Shadow Secretary for Culture, Media & Sport


Jonathan Reynolds from Shadow Transport Minister
Stephen Doughty from Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister
Kevan Jones from Shadow Defence Minister


Emily Thornberry from Shadow Work and Pensions Minister to Shadow Defence Minister
Maria Eagle from Shadow Defence Minister to Shadow Secretary for Culture, Media & Sport


Kate Hollern to Shadow Defence Minister
Jenny Chapman to Shadow Education Minister
Andy McDonald to Shadow Transport Minister
Angela Rayner to Shadow Work and Pensions Minister
Fabian Hamilton to Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister

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