Laurence Fox says he hopes England lose the Euros in rant about taking the knee

Laurence Fox says he hopes England lose the Euros in rant about taking the knee

Controversial and outspoken actor turned politician Laurence Fox has gone on yet another rant, this time saying he wants England’s football team to lose at the Euros because they take the knee.

In a series of impassioned tweets, Fox slammed England players for kneeling before the start of their warm-up match against Romania to protest against racial discrimination in sport and in wider society.

With a limited number of fans now able to attend games in person again, some in the stadium booed when players took the knee, which Fox took as a win against the woke, calling it “excellent”.

At the team’s previous warm-up game last week against Austria, ahead of Euro 2020, a section of England fans also booed.

Fox berated the players on Twitter, calling them “weak men” and “millionaire woke babies” for their show of solidarity against racism, as each player on the England squad chose to kneel.

Fox wrote: “I’m embarrassed to be British. I hope any team but ours wins in any future sporting endeavour. Tell me a single thing to moderate my thinking?

Millionaire woke babies protesting inequality on two hundred grand a week. We deserve everything that is coming.

Weak men. Weak.”

He then referred to all the other teams in England’s first-round group at the competition saying he hopes they knock them out.

Fox continued: “My prayers are with Croatia, The Czech Republic and Scotland. Knock these woke English babies out.”

In another tweet, Fox tweeted a clip of the boos which rang out as players on both England and Romania’s sides took the knee at the match.

He wrote: “Excellent.

England fans - 2

BLM kneeling society - 0”

Other Twitter users reacted to Fox’s rant, as one person wrote: “You being embarrassed to be British makes me feel very patriotic all of a sudden.”

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