Liam Gallagher goes on startling expletive-laden rant against Rishi Sunak and the Tories

Liam Gallagher goes on startling expletive-laden rant against Rishi Sunak and the Tories
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Liam Gallagher has condemned Rishi Sunak for appearing to suggest that those in music and the arts should find other jobs.

The singer responded to a misconstrued comment by Rishi Sunak with a string of sweary tweets.

Gallagher was reacting to a now-deleted ITV News tweet which implied that Sunak thought unemployed arts workers should retrain.

In a later tweet, ITV News clarified that the chancellor of the exchequer was referring to those in “all walks of life”.

But, regardless, Gallagher was still furious.

In his expletive-laden rant, Gallagher referred to Sunak as a “little TURD” and the government as “dopes”.

He then urged government ministers to “retrain” and referred to them as a “shower of c***s”.

In one tweet to his 3.4m followers, Gallagher wrote:

So the dopes in gov telling musicians and people in arts to retrain and get another job what and become massive c***s like you nah yer alright c’mon you know LG x

In another, he said:

This country would be beyond w**k if it wasn’t for the arts and the music and football show a bit of respect you little TURD cmon you know LG x

The former Oasis singer wasn’t the only celeb to condemn Sunak.

Jermain Jackson, Sue Perkins, Tim Burgess and Ian Rankin also criticised the chancellor.

Perkins wrote:

The arts contribute in the region of 10 billion a year to our economy. The people who work in it have already trained long and hard, thank you. This is shameful.

Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess commented:

Maybe some MPs should retrain, as they aren’t really doing their job anyway.

Ian Rankin said:

Without the arts, our lives are impoverished. This is nuts.

While other celebrities offered stern words, it’s safe to say that none were quite as explicit as Gallagher’s.

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