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An officer who works for Homerton police in East London has been given a warning after using the forces Twitter account to share a message reading "Kicking down doors is probably one of our favourite things."

The tweet, which has since been deleted showed an image of a group of officers breaking down the front door to a house with the accompanying caption:

Kicking down doors is probably one of our favourite things. 

Another warrant conducted on #Victoria ward with the assistance of @MSPHomerton @MPSKingsPark @MPSHackneyWick #knockknock #localpolicing.

Despite the tweet being removed it has since gone viral with many people disgusted that a tweet like this was posted by a member of the Metropolitan police. Journalist Owen Jones likened it to to the behaviour of a 'bunch of unhinged gangsters.'

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police said:

We are aware of an inappropriate tweet sent from the @MPSHomerton twitter account. The officer who tweeted this has been given words of advice and the Professional Standards Unit have been made aware. The tweet has now been deleted.

Maybe letting random officers post on Twitter isn't the best idea?

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