Louis CK moaned #MeToo cost him $35 million in one hour and his accusers have hit back

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Comedian and director Louis CK has said that he's been to 'hell and back' and that he lost $35 million, and the women he harassed have hit back.

In November 2017, five women came forward to accuse CK of masturbating in front of them without their consent. CK admitted that the allegations were correct, and issued a statement saying:

I have to reconcile it with who I am. Which is nothing compared to the task I left them with.

In August 2018, he attempted a come back to stand up comedy, which has seen him perform a string of gigs in New York City. However, instead of addressing the fact that he'd admitted to the sexual misconduct allegations, instead he simply discussed topics such as 'racism, waitresses' tips, and parades', writes Someecards.

Now, Laughspin reports that he finally addressed the elephant in the room in one of his stand up sets at New York's West Side Comedy Club last week.

According to the site, he opened the set with the phrase 'It's been a weird year', then commented that he'd been to 'hell and back', as well as the claim that he 'lost $35m in an hour'.

Two of the women who he harassed have now taken to Twitter to hit back.

Dana Goodman and Julia Wolov took to Twitter to show that CK really isn't the victim in the whole story:

Boo f****** hoo. Is he on unemployment?

Does he get rape threats?

Does he carry a brand new taser when he walks at night because he's been told that he will be beaten to a pulp for ruining comedy? No? Just us girls? Ok cool.

Needless to say, Twitter in general wasn't that impressed by his comments.

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