Louis CK asked fans to consent to not leaking his new material and everyone made the same point

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Louis CK, the comedian who is famed for allegedly exposing himself to women without their consent, has asked people to not share material from his gigs without getting his consent first. Oh, the irony!

CK is currently on his 'comeback' tour, which jokes about his sexual misconduct allegations, the Parkland school shooting and gender pronouns. The comedian has been attempting a comeback after he admitted repeatedly exposing himself and masturbating in front of unwilling women in November 2017.

However, it seems that he's concerned about his comeback material making its way into the press or public domain because comedy clubs he books are now sharing a copyright notice that says attendees can't reproduce or share any of the material, reports Jezebel.

Indywire reports one notice, from the Acme Comedy Club in Minneapolis, told guests to put their phones in pouches, and also included the notice:

Louis CK owns all rights in the content and materials, including any jokes and sketches (the 'Materials'), delivered during his performance.

The Materials may not be copied, translated, transmitted, displayed, distributed, or reproduced verbatim (the 'Use'), in whole or in part, in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed, without the express prior written consent of Louis CK.

Any Use of the Materials without the express prior written consent of Louis CK is strictly prohibited and shall be subject to all available legal remedies, whether in equity or at law at the cost of anyone who violates this prohibition.

It also added:

Louis CK is trying new material. XXX Adults only.

It goes without saying that CK's sudden concern for 'consent' wasn't missed by social media users.

Many people on Twitter called out his hypocrisy.

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