Man tweets about charging 'white people for soup when they order coffee' and some people have completely missed the joke

Getty Images/iStockphoto/ Twitter

No matter your political alignment, it's very easy to get 'triggered' these days, especially in the era of 'fake news.'

How can we possibly tell the difference between something that is fact or a joke posted online when we have no idea the origin of the story or the person behind it?

Case in point this joke from journalist Hussein Kesvani about discrimination.

Now, this is quite clearly a joke. Who in their right mind would pay the price of a bowl of soup for a cup of coffee?

Also, Hussein is a renowned journalist with a verified account on Twitter. We're pretty confident he doesn't work in a cafe.

Amazingly his began to be picked up by people who would probably take umbrage with something like this, most notably, 'classical liberal' Paul Joseph Watson.

Once Paul shared that tweet people began to get very angry with this joke and began saying all sorts of angry things.

Luckily the Internet can sometimes be a wonderful place and other people began to respond in the best way possible.

The best responses have come from Hussein himself.

We're not sure how long this is going to run for but stay tuned to Hussein's account for more soup-based discrimination.

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