A 41-year-old man in the UK who decided to sue his wealthy parents to support him financially for the rest of his life had his case thrown out.

According to The Times, Faiz Siddiqui made the argument that he was dependent on his elderly parents, who had given him money and allowed him to live in a flat that they own near Hyde Park in London.

Siddiqui, an Oxford graduate, has been unemployed since 2011, and for 20 years, his parents, who live in Dubai, had been accommodating him by giving him cash for bills and other outings.

However, according to The Times, the Court of Appeals dismissed Siddiqui’s case, saying “whatever the moral position might be, parents should be under no legal duty to support their adult children, however, grave their need,” according to The Times.

The Times and MailOnline both reported that his parents had previously given him funds and allowed him to reside in their £1 million ($1.36 m) flat.

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It’s unclear when his parents quit supporting him monetarily.

The Times also noted that Siddiqui tried to demonstrate that doing so for 20 years “nurtured his dependency,” leaving him suffering without their help.

In the Mail Online report, Justin Warshaw QC, the parents’ barrister, noted that they are “devastated” by the situation with their son.

“It goes without saying that the parents are devastated that they are being put through this ordeal by their son and that they are being put to such enormous expense, particularly when set against their historic and ongoing generosity towards him.”

This isn’t the first time Siddiqui has attempted to sue someone or an institution.

Siddiqui tried to sue Oxford University for refusing to give him a grade in his degree that he claimed was too low. And in 2018, the case was also dismissed.

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