Republican Senator and former US presidential candidate Marco Rubio is currently running for re-election to the US Senate in the 2018 midterms.

As always with any political campaign, there has to be a bit of stunt or a piece of content that will attract the attention of everyone.

Rather than put together a thought-provoking video about his policies or what he can do for the people of Florida, Rubio decided to talk about Kanye West.

Yes, a 47-year-old white American politician shared his thoughts on the new Kanye album in a cringeworthy video shared on his Twitter account on Friday.

What on Earth was that? Was it an attempt to pull in young voters?

Which new Kanye album was he talking about (he's had three out in the last month)?

Did he really need to tell us that he knew about the Pusha T and Drake debacle too?

Anyway, the video hasn't gone down too well on Twitter and Rubio is being mocked for his attempts to 'look down with the kids.'

Alternatively, should Rubio have not used this opportunity to talk about some of the actual problems that are affecting the United States at the moment like gun control and children being separated from their parents at the border?

Luckily the internet was on hand to remind him about this.

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