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This photo of a defiant female protestor has gone viral.

Marianne Rubin, 89, was photographed at a rally against neo-Nazis, held in New York City.

The rally was one of many held following the marches by 'Unite the Right' held in Charlottesville, Virginia, at which Heather Heyer, a counter protestor, was killed when a car was driven into a crowd of people.

The sign Rubin held aloft, read:

I escaped the Nazis once.

You will not defeat me now.

The image was tweeted by CBS journalist Seth Lemon on Monday.

Since then it has been retweeted over 112,000 times, and liked by almost 300,000 accounts.

Another photo was taken by Rubin's granddaughter, Lena Schnall.

Speaking to Lemon, Rubin explained how at 12-years-old she had escaped the Nazis, who were rounding up Jewish families living in Germany and the territories it occupied:

In Germany. Of course... My father was pushed down. I helped him get up. We went to France. And then we came here [USA]

According to the interview given by Rubin to the Huffington Post, her grandmother returned to Germany after they had escaped, in an effort to rescue the members of their family who were still living there. She was killed in the Terezín concentration camp.

On seeing neo-Nazism and white supremacism come to the fore in the United States, Rubin told the Huffington Post

It sends me beyond belief.

She added she would like to tell the President 'F*** you'.

HT Huffington Post, CBS

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