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Melania Trump took children going back to school as an opportunity to send a message of support and push her #BeBest campaign on Twitter.

She wrote:

Students – as you head #BacktoSchool, think about what you wish to accomplish this year. You have so much power in your individual voices. Will you strive to #BeBest?

Her message, though well-meaning, didn’t go down well with people, many of whom found it at odds with her husband’s recent actions – not least of which include his pro-guns stance despite the mass shootings in schools.

One Twitter said as much: "As my kid heads #Backtosleep, I would just like her to not get shot. Or for me to have to worry about that."

Others mentioned the hundreds of families that have been separated because of the president's – her husband’s – anti-immigrant policies

Yeah, her message hadn't gone down well...

At all.

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