Melania Trump: Congress candidate suggests First Lady is a 'prostitute' in controversial tweet

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Mike Roberts, a congressional candidate from Oregon, managed to cause outrage on Twitter by comparing Melania Trump to a prostitute.

The tweet occurred after Roberts replied to a tweet by the right-wing youth organisation leader Charlie Kirk, who commented on how many members of staff are assigned to the First Lady compared to Michelle Obama.

Roberts responded by asking if Melania 'works by the hour' followed by the hashtags #thinkdirty #hoebag.

Roberts, who identifies himself as a conservative, was criticised for his tweet by both supporters and opponents of the Trumps.

Roberts, who is running as an independent candidate for Congress, is now facing calls from the public to have him pulled from the race for the Republican incumbent Greg Walden's seat.

The House majority leader Kevin McCarthy also asked Twitter to ban Roberts because of his comments.

Speaking to The Oregonian, political science professor at Pacific University, Jim Moore said that Roberts may have done this in order to attract more attention.

Roberts isn't expected to beat Walden and hasn't campaigned or raised as much money as he would need to. Moore added:

If he wins, I'll sell my house and donate to charity.

This isn't the first time that Roberts has used Twitter to post something crude or controversial.

Last year, he called Republican Nikki Haley 'very hot'.

When Andy Cohen tweeted about US attorney and Democrat Kamala Harris, Roberts once again referred to her as 'hot'.

Here he is asking a 'question' to Nutrisystem representative Marie Osmond.

When replying to a comment about Sweden, he only mentioned their 'beautiful women'.

In April, he criticised Oregon's Kate Brown for being bisexual.

Bizarrely he has also commented on Donald Trump's appearance by suggesting that he was "morphing into a woman".

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