Melania Trump's communications director calls for boycott of rapper TI over sexy promo video

Melania Trump's communications director Stephanie Grisham is calling for a boycott of the rapper TI after he released a steamy new promo video featuring a fake Melania stripping off in the Oval Office.

Taking to Twitter, Grisham expressed her disgust at the clip, saying:

How is this acceptable? #disgusting #boycottT.I

The rapper dropped the one minute long clip on 12 October, which is a promo for his new album Dime Trap, and it starts with a voice over that says:

Melania Trump did not go to Mar-a-Lago with the president this weekend. Which has a lot of people wondering.

It then cuts to the Oval Office, with TI sitting behind the president's desk smoking a cigar, before a Melania Trump look alike enters the room wearing only her 'I don't really care' jacket, which she then removes to perform a naked dance in front of the rapper on the desk.

In a follow up shot, she appears to vandalise a painting of the 45th president.

Many people on Twitter, however, were quick to point out that Mrs Trump has appeared in a number of scantily clad photo shoots during her time as a model.

Since the First Lady's communications director called for a boycott, it has since been reported that the Melania Trump lookalike in TI's video has received a series of death threats.

Speaking to Page Six on Monday, Melanie Marden said:

I got a text message on my cellphone, which is unlisted and [is] not handed out very easily, and it basically said, ‘Follow my instructions or you’ll be assassinated within the next 24 hours.

She described that the message was long, detailed and specific, and that it outlined that:

No matter where I go in the world and if I try to run, I’ll be assassinated right away.

Marden said that she hadn't heard from TI regards the comments, but that he was very 'considerate' while they were filming the video:

I think TI’s left and is in Africa. I’m not sure if he’s fully aware of the scope of things. He was lovely to work with, was very considerate of my feelings on set.

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