Commentator claims BLM wants to 'destroy white society’ while talking to Black presenter

Commentator claims BLM wants to 'destroy white society’ while talking to Black presenter

There’s been plenty of claims made about the aims of the Black Lives Matter movement over the past few weeks.

Even though the self-professed goals of the movement are to “eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes”, people are still projecting their own ideas onto what this fight for equality is really about.

The latest is commentator and journalist Melanie Phillips, who has been repeatedly criticised for previous controversial statements that include accusations of Islamophobia and denying climate change.

Now she’s claimed that the purpose of the Black Lives Matter movement is to “destroy white society”.

Phillips made the comments while appearing on Sky News, whie being interviewed about a piece in The Times which accused Democrats of ‘siding with demonstrators’.

She was joined by political journalist Ian Dunt who condemned the piece as being racially charged, adding that it ignored widespread documentation of US police attacking protestors who were then forced to respond in self-defence.

The piece was “reprehensible and misleading” said Dunt.

But Phillips said she “couldn’t disagree more” with his take.

Continuing, she said:

He talks about ‘racially-tinged’ piece. These are racial protests. 

Self-evidently, they are demonstrably saying they wish to destroy white society. 

The Black presenter of the segment, Gamal Fahnbulleh, reportedly then ended the segment, telling Phillips they would “agree to disagree”.

Fahnbulleh has penned op-eds on institutional racism in recent weeks, following the BLM movement’s resurgence.

There was outcry about Phillips’ comments on social media.

Fellow journalists called her words “unapologetically racist”.

Others debunked Phillips’ misinformation.

Such views being regularly presented are also seen as symbolic of “structural racism” in media.

Safe to say, it hasn't gone down well.

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