Photo: iSTOCK / grafxart8888 / Twitter / @alex_c_lee
Photo: iSTOCK / grafxart8888 / Twitter / @alex_c_lee

Earlier this week, the body of a 22-year-old woman murdered in a Melbourne park was identified as Eurydice Dixon, a stand-up comedian who had been on her way home from a gig.

Local police are currently investigating a potential link between the murder and the recent sexual assault of a young woman in the same area.

In an official press conference following the horrific events, Superintendent David Clayton warned:

The message we would provide to all members of the community is to take responsibility for your safety.

Make sure people know where you are, and if you've got a mobile phone, carry it, and if you've got any concerns at all, call police.

A lengthy report by The Agefeatures several quotes from local women who describe their existing, and now exacerbated, fear of walking around the area at night.

Others paid tribute by leaving flowers at the scene, whereas one local resident, named Lucy Williams, said:

I wish people didn't have to worry, but I think people will, particularly women.

Even though we're already really vigilant and aware I think [we] can't really prevent these things if there's still people killing people.

Here, Williams alludes to a crucial point - women are more likely to become victims of intimate partner violence and sexual assault than men, which means they're already constantly on the lookout for their own safety.

So, Twitter users began responding to the incident to underscore a vital point: it's men that need to change their behaviour, not women.

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